(Français) Journées du patrimoine 2016

Greater Saint John was open to the public as part of Heritage Days.

The Endowment Fund with the support of ARPA and the EIPC organized a reception and site tours. “Heritage and Citizenship” chosen by the Ministry of Culture for 2016 is in line with a family tradition of donation of historical and cultural properties to the State and the City of Aix (Table Triumph of Trajan at the Musée Granet in 1820, area of the Grand Saint-Jean, Boades hotel, both in 1917, Estienne hotel in Saint John in 1933) and of general interest initiatives (foundation of Old Aix Museum in 1930, today ‘ hui, Musée d’Estienne de Saint-Jean, founded in 2012 Estienne endowment Fund of Saint-Jean).