Report of the 5th Grand Saint-Jean Meeting

FDESJ Article Château historique Pauline Carton Grand Saint-Jean

FDESJ Article in La provence – Château historique – Pauline Carton at Grand Saint-Jean

Announced in ‘La Provence’ and with the support of the local council of Aix, the exclusive screening of a film from the archives attracted a large public gathering to Grand Saint-Jean during the European Heritage Days.

The room of the CPIE was packed for the screening of the film: 200 attentive and fascinated attendees filed in one after another during the four screening sessions of the film ‘Château historique’, a fictional silent comedy produced by Gaumont, shot in 1923 notably at Grand Saint-Jean, in Aix, at the Pavillon Vendôme and Puyricard.

The filmmaker Henri Desfontaines, was assisted by a major talent of the country, Leo Jouannon, the brother of Marcel Provence.

A lovely homecoming in this Aix setting that inspired this creation almost a century ago!

It was an ideal opportunity for the President of the Endowment Fund to discuss the artists, collectors, poets and musicians that Blanche d’Estienne had gathered around her in her Aix estate: the musician Darius Milhaud, Henry Dobler – the collector and donator of the Pavillon Vendôme, Eugénie Houchard – poetess friend of Mistral, the author Marie Gasquet, the painters Hubert de Courcy and Félicie d’Estienne d’Orves …
A small downside however: the state of neglect of the chateau and the chapel and the disappearance of the beautiful statue of St John the Baptist who adorned the Renaissance fountain of the park.

Jean-Pierre d’Estienne d’Orves, organiser and discoveror of the film, took the opportunity to launch a vigorous call to witness to find this ornament of the park “kidnapped” in the 80s.

Thanks to the team at the Gaumont Pathé Archives who restored this film, Grand Saint-Jean was able to present a glimpse of its past in cinema. It was a great indulgance of culture and almost a century later, the great actress Pauline has literally cartooned!.
The Endowment Fund is continuing its efforts to help support this site of cultural heritage in Aix-en-Provence and is calling for your support.

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Château historique – Pauline Carton at Grand Saint-Jean


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